On-site Messaging

Giving shoppers the ability to split their payments over time increases purchasing power and customer satisfaction. Automatically promote the monthly payment option based on the size of the order basket. Good news for shoppers and great news for your business.

Adjust the design to fit seamlessly for your website. Customize colors to match the look and feel of your website.




Delivering the right payment message at the moment of consideration will increase conversion and average order values.

Use our product messaging widget to show payment options based on item price or basket size. Place this below the price of an item to automatically display the best message based on our smart targeting logic.

We provide an inline and a block version to fit your needs. It can include information about any Smartpay promotion code you own.

We recommend adding it to the product and cart pages.



Code Example

In <head />

  <script src="https://js.smartpay.co/messaging.js"
    data-merchant="<YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY>" defer="defer"></script>

In <body />